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Where Art meets Tech
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Ukrainian Social
Jan 27| 6 p.m.– 11 p.m.
Social gathering
More details to come
A charity event for Ukraine
Vova Zi Lvova Concert
A charity event to support Ukrainian people in war. More details to come soon
 Better Design
Tech Meetup:
Dill Creative Community formed around Ukrainian community in Seattle area. It later grew to a community of artists and engineers. We created a physical space which we used for meetups, workshops, parties, photoshoots and podcast recordings.

Several startups and a set of DJs originated from Dill Community. As we no longer have a dedicated space, we host workshops and events in various locations. If you are interested in bringing back a physical space and becoming a member, please, donate here.

We will reach out to everyone who donated and talk about the needs of Dill community members ensuring we meet YOUR needs. 
Donate to Get Location
What will be in membership?
Your office and a hang out spot. Your home away from home where all your friends love to come. 
  • Wi-fi
    You can use internet for free with the pass.
  • Coffee and tea
    Free tea and coffee. You also can bring something with you.
  • Printer
    Free w/b and colour printing from your computer.
  • Games
    We have a range of board and video games.
  • Host Your Event
    You can schedule and host an event once a month. No need to pay extra for the space. Second event a month may require an extra cost, if available.
  • Photo Space
    The space is available for photoshoots and we have the equipment. A member doesn't need to pay extra fees. 
  • Meeting Room
    Whether you need to host a meeting for your startup, or would like to study in quiet, we have a meeting room you can take advantage of

207 S Findlay street, Seattle WA 98108
All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.